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SIMULATION: Cyber Attack

This is a field exercise where all EAV's are invited to participate in a live simulation with the state ARES and other participants. The ARES team will coordinate efforts to gather communication and report it is broader nets across the state. CLICK to see how YOU can participate...



SIMULATION: Damage Assessment

Dubuque and surrounding communities will host this simulation with leadership from local EAV & ARES controllers.

ARES will host (W9UPK) a net for amateur operators, EAV will host a GMRS net on the ch22 repeater (+5MHz, no PL tone).

EAV invites ALL radio operators to attend, especially hoping to test simplex operations in the downtown area. Communication from surrounding communities is highly encouraged. EAV operators should be prepared to recognize localized GMRS simplex traffic, and relay such traffic to the net control operator (WRKE224).

Tune-in prior to the simulation for details (approx. 9:30am). EAV members and all GMRS operators are encouraged to take-on local tasks for testing simplex from specific parts of the local area.

DEBRIEF: The event went very well. We had quite a few people offer reports. Our Murphy Park GMRS Net Control relayed priority reports to the 240 net via ICS-213 forms to simplify the process of communication.


10/17/2020 - Fox News

"the derecho that pummeled the Midwest"

A global pandemic. Forest fires in the West. And now a derecho.


On the evening of Monday, August 10, a weather complex known as a “derecho” sent intense winds and thunderstorms over a 700-mile stretch from Nebraska to Indiana. In Iowa, the hardest-hit state, three deaths have been reported so far and hundreds of thousands of people went without power for days. More than 40% of the state’s corn and soybean crop, the core of Iowa’s economy, was severely damaged by the storm, whose winds reached 110-140 mph, equivalent to those of a Category 3 or 4 hurricane.

Cedar Rapids was one of the hardest hit cities in the state. More than 800 buildings suffered partial collapse of the roof, walls, ceiling, or floors, and more than 20 schools sustained damage, Cedar Rapids Fire Chief Greg Smith tells CNN.

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