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GMRS Club Simulation

Dec 9




Thursday, Dec 9, 7-8pm

The Dubuque GMRS Club hosts regular "simulations" so that our radio operators can get practice relaying emergency information on the air waves. Usually we simulate a weather event or similar emergency, but in the interest of attracting more folks to the club, and promoting EAV, we are coloring outside the lines this time...


Joe (WRKN567) will host a radio net on Ch22 to manage the incoming reports. This simulation is for the purpose of emergency radio preparation, testing equipment and skills... and for fun!


This will be a directed net, so Net Control  will manage all communication. Participants should wait for a break in communication then call out with their call-sign or handle, then wait till NC acknowledges them before sharing a report.

Anyone with a GMRS radio (typical hiking, hunting walkie talkie) can listen to enjoy the "invasion" simulation!


Members are encouraged to participate by transmitting their reports in an orderly, unpanicked way. All operators are also encouraged to scan GMRS channels because we will invite the public to also participate, and some may only be using walkie-talkies (incapable of repeater access). this will allow our regular operators to test their skills as they accurately relay reports to Joe.

Reports can be fun and informal, be creative, but also keep it clean and remind listeners that "this is a test" (no need for another War of the Worlds scare).


The Net will start at 7pm, with perhaps a little testing prior. Listen on GMRS channel 22 and you'll hear the announcement.

If you want to join the Net you'll have two options:

1) use a radio capable of "repeater access" on GMRS channel 22 (462.725 MHz +5MHz TX shift).

2) call out on any modern walkie-talkie using any channel EXCEPT Ch22 (Ch21 would be easiest) and maybe one of our operators will hear you. If so, communicate with them and they will relay your report to the Net Control operator.

Contact us with questions or if you need radio advice or help.

find us on FACEBOOK...

There is also a Facebook Event for this simulation, find the group:

"EAV - Early Assessment Volunteers"


Just have some fun. Think of a report you might give if aliens showed-up in the Dubuque area, and call for Net Control with your call-sign or "handle". When he's ready he will shout for you to give the report. 

After your report the NC operator will confirm your report and if has questions he'll ask.

No fear, just be ready to mash that PTT button when it's your turn.


You'll find more info on this site, but in a nutshell...

A repeater is a stationary radio that anyone in the club can call and their message will be automatically 

transmitted to a larger area than their radio alone could reach.

Our local Ch22 repeater is located in Downtown Dubuque and has a footprint that easily covers the downtown Dbq area and into East Dubuque.

With the right radio and antenna combinations we have club members all the way in Farley who easily reach our repeater.

When we communicate directly from radio to radio without using a repeater it is call SIMPLEX communication. Anyone in Dubuque can transmit simplex on Ch22 even if their radio is NOT repeater capable, but their range will be limited to the power of their own radio, their elevation above obstacles, and other factors. Using a repeater lets your signal reach the whole area, provided you are situated to reach the repeater.

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