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Club Goals for 2021



What is a "FOX HUNT"?

It's a test for radio operators to locate a particular radio transmission. Using special antennas and some basic triangulation skills radio operators can find and pin-point the location of most any radio signal.

How is a "FOX HUNT" accomplished?

We'll prepare for it with some radio discussion on several of the local nets, perhaps even a dedicated net for those interested. We will offer some design plans for the special antennas and perhaps a work shop setting for those who want some help building their antenna.

Once we're ready the club will assign a person to find and transmit on a particular frequency. Operators will then spread out and 'find' the transmitter. Easy-peasy? It may sound like it, but there are tricks to it, and it's a learning experience with great value to add to our radio skill set.



It's important to PRACTICE with our radios, and that is what simulations are all about.

The club determines a practice scenario, then we engage to accomplish it. It may be a simulated weather event, a cyber attack, search & rescue, or any number of situations where radios can greatly aid the proper communication of those people in the thick of the situation.



Working together with EAV, radio operators can easily share weather-related information on either of the club repeaters. It may be so simple as reporting icy roads, you simply call-out to the repeater with your report and call-sign, but that info could help others prepare for their travel plans etc.

Imagine how handy it would be to simply turn your radio on and listen while local reports of real-time road conditions or storm activity is made available from friendly voices in the club.



We've made some efforts to be more active with the web-site. Using the site for communication on current events and activities, as well as long-term information, allows us to share up-to-date details about planned events and other info that might otherwise be lost in email or text messages.

Keep an eye on such pages here. We may forward them to your email or messenger as a link which we can update quickly and efficiently when changes occur, or you can navigate to such details at anytime through the club portion of this EAV site.


If it sounds complicated, just ask for help.

There are lots of ways to participate, and plenty of room for imperfection - this is a learning experience for all - your participation helps those with more experience grow in their abilities AND it helps you gain experience!

ICS-213 FORM!?!?!!...

DON'T let it intimidate you, very simple form to HELP you present a report even if you are in the middle of chaos. It's a great tool to learn how to use, and here's a chance to use it in a friendly environment.

Download the form here...,%20general%20message%20(v3).pdf

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