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Simulated Emergency



SCENARIO: Cyber Attack

This is a drill!:

the time for the drill is Saturday, October 23 from 8 AM to 12 PM CST and will have local leadership from the County ARES Coordinator, Colin Wheatley, (W9UPK) and his assistant for the event Larry (N0YB).

EAV members are encouraged to participate as noted below in any way their licensing permits.

The scenario:

a cyber-attack will impact the entire Iowa section in this drill. All locations are expected to see the impact of the cyber-attack on their community.


please make every effort to participate in at least three of these communication methods: SSB, CW, Winlink, and Olivia 8-500.

The nets:

the section will run a single sideband net at the top of the hour and digital nets on the half hour.

Voice check-in net:

SSB: 3970 KHz. Alt 7235 KHz (top of the hour). The net control station (NCS) will ask for the status of your counties electrical power and cellular service.

Digital: the digital frequency is 3558.5 USB. Alt. 7114 USB (on the half hour).

Check in net: 1000 Herz plus offset, for check in use Olivia 8-500.

For your location, use and ICS-213 form to indicate the status of electrical power service, cellular service and the number of amateur radio operators serving in and EOC, fire/EMS, Sheriff’s office, or hospital operation if you have activated with any one of these served agencies. If you are unable to send in ICS-213 form, send this information in basic plan text form.

Morse code (CW): 3560 KHz

net at 10:30. For your location, Indicate the status of the aforementioned agencies, etc.

NVIS: SSB 7190 KHz

Dubuque will initiate messages using NVIS in Dubuque County and across the state to deliver a message to the SEOC in Des Moines. The details and time are still being determined.

GMRS: Channel 22 repeater (462.725, +5MHz, no PL)

The Dubuque GMRS Club will host a net from 8-9am. Call-n a 'test' report simulating failure of local cell or other digital services or related services impacted by such a cyber attack.

Local Net: VHF 240 repeater (147.240, +0.6MHz, 103.5 Hz PL)

Our local net will operate from 9:00 to 10:00. The acquired information and status of the served agencies will be then sent on to the aforementioned nets. The net control will be at the EOC.


If it sounds complicated, just ask for help.

There are lots of ways to participate, and plenty of room for imperfection - this is a learning experience for all - your participation helps those with more experience grow in their abilities AND it helps you gain experience!

ICS-213 FORM!?!?!!...

DON'T let it intimidate you, very simple form to HELP you present a report even if you are in the middle of chaos. It's a great tool to learn how to use, and here's a chance to use it in a friendly environment.

Download the form here...,%20general%20message%20(v3).pdf

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